Commit a3d6bb97 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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[These changes were actually in the previous version.

This version is a doc fix.]

(mouse-drag-vertical-line): New function.
(mouse-scroll-min-lines): New variable.
(mouse-scroll-subr): Use it.

(mouse-drag-region): Record where the mouse drag has reached
and use that to adjust the drag event before replaying it.

(mouse-drag-region): Store the right end position
in the drag-event before replaying it at the end.

(mouse-skip-word): Skip complete symbol when over a
character with symbol syntax.
parent 61793fbf
......@@ -428,8 +428,12 @@ This variable's value may be non-integral.
Setting this to zero causes Emacs to scroll as fast as it can.")
(defvar mouse-scroll-min-lines 1
"*The minimum number of lines scrolled at a time by dragging the mouse
beyond the edge of a window.")
"*The minimum number of lines scrolled by dragging mouse out of window.
Moving the mouse out the top or bottom edge of the window begins
scrolling repeatedly. The number of lines scrolled per repetition
is normally equal to the number of lines beyond the window edge that
the mouse has moved. However, it always scrolls at least the number
of lines specified by this variable.")
(defun mouse-scroll-subr (window jump &optional overlay start)
"Scroll the window WINDOW, JUMP lines at a time, until new input arrives.
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