Commit a3f4c42d authored by Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Ingebrigtsen

We need byte-compile-progn in the non-toplevel case apparently

parent c1980ab2
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......@@ -512,10 +512,11 @@ Return the compile-time value of FORM."
(eval expanded lexical-binding)
. (lambda (warnings &rest body)
',warnings ,(macroexpand-all `(progn ,@body)
. ,(lambda (warnings &rest body)
(list #'internal--with-suppressed-warnings
(list 'quote warnings)
(macroexpand-all (cons 'progn body)
"The default macro-environment passed to macroexpand by the compiler.
Placing a macro here will cause a macro to have different semantics when
expanded by the compiler as when expanded by the interpreter.")
......@@ -4803,7 +4804,7 @@ binding slots have been popped."
(defun byte-compile-suppressed-warnings (form)
(let ((byte-compile-suppressed-warnings
(append (cadadr form) byte-compile-suppressed-warnings)))
(mapc 'byte-compile-file-form (cddr form))
(byte-compile-progn (cons 'progn (cddr form)))
;; Warn about misuses of make-variable-buffer-local.
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