Commit a40b1be0 authored by Eric Abrahamsen's avatar Eric Abrahamsen

Fix gnus-search-query-expand-key

* lisp/gnus/gnus-search.el (gnus-search-query-expand-key): Use the
proper built-in functions, rather than trying to replicate string
completion ourself.
parent 3d333b14
......@@ -692,41 +692,18 @@ chunk of query syntax."
(defun gnus-search-query-expand-key (key)
"Attempt to expand KEY to a full keyword."
(let ((bits (split-string key "-"))
bit out-bits comp)
(if (try-completion (car bits) gnus-search-expandable-keys)
(while (setq bit (pop bits))
(setq comp (try-completion bit gnus-search-expandable-keys))
(if (stringp comp)
(if (and (string= bit comp)
(null (member comp gnus-search-expandable-keys)))
(signal 'gnus-search-parse-error
(list (format "Ambiguous keyword: %s" key)))
(push comp out-bits))
(push bit out-bits)))
(mapconcat #'identity (reverse out-bits) "-"))
;; (defun gnus-search-query-expand-key (key)
;; "Attempt to expand (possibly abbreviated) KEY to a full keyword.
;; Can handle any non-ambiguous abbreviation, with hyphens as substring separator."
;; (let* ((bits (split-string key "-"))
;; (bit (pop bits))
;; (comp (all-completions bit gnus-search-expandable-keys)))
;; ;; Make a cl-labels recursive function, that accepts a rebuilt key and
;; ;; results of `all-completions' back in as a COLLECTION argument.
;; (if (= 1 (length comp))
;; (setq key (car comp))
;; (when (setq comp (try-completion bit gnus-search-expandable-keys))
;; (if (and (string= bit comp)
;; (null (member comp gnus-search-expandable-keys)))
;; (error "Ambiguous keyword: %s" key)))
;; (unless (eq t (try-completion key gnus-search-expandable-keys))))
;; key))
(cond ((test-completion key gnus-search-expandable-keys)
;; We're done!
;; There is more than one possible completion.
((consp (cdr (completion-all-completions
key gnus-search-expandable-keys #'stringp)))
(signal 'gnus-search-parse-error
(list (format "Ambiguous keyword: %s" key))))
;; Return KEY, either completed or untouched.
((car-safe (completion-try-completion
key gnus-search-expandable-keys
#'stringp 0)))))
(defun gnus-search-query-return-string (&optional delimited trim)
"Return a string from the current buffer.
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