Commit a42a4305 authored by Roland McGrath's avatar Roland McGrath
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(ignore): Use defun instead of fset to define; the byte compiler is smart

enough now not to compile this trivial function into slow byte code.
parent ac21ec40
......@@ -203,15 +203,10 @@ in KEYMAP as NEWDEF those chars which are defined as OLDDEF in OLDMAP."
(cons 'progn body)
(list 'store-match-data original)))))
;; Avoids useless byte-compilation.
;; In the future, would be better to fix byte compiler
;; not to really compile in cases like this,
;; and use defun here.
(fset 'ignore '(lambda (&rest ignore)
"Do nothing.
(defun ignore (&rest ignore)
"Do nothing.
Accept any number of arguments, but ignore them."
; old names
(fset 'make-syntax-table 'copy-syntax-table)
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