Commit a43944b5 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(derived-mode-init-mode-variables): Make proper syntax-table.

(derived-mode-merge-syntax-tables): Rewrite using map-char-table.
parent 1fc93d49
......@@ -221,7 +221,10 @@ the first time the mode is used."
(if (boundp (derived-mode-syntax-table-name mode))
(eval (` (defvar (, (derived-mode-syntax-table-name mode))
(make-vector 256 nil)
;; Make a syntax table which doesn't specify anything
;; for any char. Valid data will be merged in by
;; derived-mode-merge-syntax-tables.
(make-char-table 'syntax-table nil)
(, (format "Syntax table for %s." mode)))))
(put (derived-mode-syntax-table-name mode) 'derived-mode-unmerged t))
......@@ -327,12 +330,11 @@ be automatic inheritance."
(defun derived-mode-merge-syntax-tables (old new)
"Merge an old syntax table into a new one.
Where the new table already has an entry, nothing is copied from the old one."
(let ((idx 0)
(end (min (length new) (length old))))
(while (< idx end)
(if (not (aref new idx))
(aset new idx (aref old idx)))
(setq idx (1+ idx)))))
(function (lambda (key value)
(or (char-table-range new key)
(set-char-table-range new key value))))
;; Merge an old abbrev table into a new one.
;; This function requires internal knowledge of how abbrev tables work,
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