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2002-11-15 Jason Rumney <>
* w32term.c (x_draw_image_foreground, x_draw_image_glyph_string)
(w32_draw_image_foreground_1): Handle image masks.
(x_draw_image_glyph_string): Don't BitBlt transparently.
* w32fns.c (w32_defined_color): Adjust RGB values for Emacs.
(x_from_xcolors): Adjust RGB values for W32.
(image_background, image_background_transparent)
(postprocess_image, x_to_xcolors, x_disable_image)
(x_build_heuristic_mask): Adapt for W32 and enable.
(x_create_x_image_and_pixmap): Mark images with palettes as such.
(xbm_load): Remove unused variable.
2002-11-14 Dave Love <>
* alloc.c (SETJMP_WILL_NOT_WORK): Add note.
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