Commit a457417e authored by Miles Bader's avatar Miles Bader
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Merge from emacs--rel--22

parents 06f5c483 d83e0299
2007-11-10 Jason Rumney <>
* w32-fns.el: Sync charset names with setup-default-fontset.
Append "-1" where second part missing.
2007-11-11 YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu <>
* faces.el (face-normalize-spec): Remove function.
(frame-set-background-mode): Undo last change.
2007-11-10 Juri Linkov <>
* isearch.el (isearch-mode-end-hook, isearch-mode-end-hook-quit):
......@@ -1516,28 +1516,6 @@ If there is neither a user setting nor a default for FACE, return nil."
(get face 'saved-face)
(face-default-spec face)))
(defsubst face-normalize-spec (spec)
"Return a normalized face-spec of SPEC."
(let (normalized-spec)
(while spec
(let ((attribute (car spec))
(value (car (cdr spec))))
;; Support some old-style attribute names and values.
(case attribute
(:bold (setq attribute :weight value (if value 'bold 'normal)))
(:italic (setq attribute :slant value (if value 'italic 'normal)))
((:foreground :background)
;; Compatibility with 20.x. Some bogus face specs seem to
;; exist containing things like `:foreground nil'.
(if (null value) (setq value 'unspecified)))
(t (unless (assq attribute face-x-resources)
(setq attribute nil))))
(when attribute
(push attribute normalized-spec)
(push value normalized-spec)))
(setq spec (cdr (cdr spec))))
(nreverse normalized-spec)))
;;; Frame-type independent color support.
......@@ -1819,8 +1797,7 @@ according to the `background-mode' and `display-type' frame parameters."
;; be unmodified, so we can avoid consing in the common case.
(dolist (face (face-list))
(when (not (face-spec-match-p face
(face-user-default-spec face))
(face-user-default-spec face)
(push face locally-modified-faces)))
;; Now change to the new frame parameters
......@@ -382,9 +382,9 @@ bit output with no translation."
(w32-add-charset-info "jisx0201-latin" 'w32-charset-shiftjis 932)
(w32-add-charset-info "jisx0201-katakana" 'w32-charset-shiftjis 932)
(w32-add-charset-info "jisx0208-sjis" 'w32-charset-shiftjis 932)
(w32-add-charset-info "ksc5601.1987" 'w32-charset-hangeul 949)
(w32-add-charset-info "big5" 'w32-charset-chinesebig5 950)
(w32-add-charset-info "gb2312" 'w32-charset-gb2312 936)
(w32-add-charset-info "ksc5601.1989-1" 'w32-charset-hangeul 949)
(w32-add-charset-info "big5-1" 'w32-charset-chinesebig5 950)
(w32-add-charset-info "gb2312.1980-1" 'w32-charset-gb2312 936)
(w32-add-charset-info "ms-symbol" 'w32-charset-symbol nil)
(w32-add-charset-info "ms-oem" 'w32-charset-oem 437)
(w32-add-charset-info "ms-oemlatin" 'w32-charset-oem 850)
......@@ -400,12 +400,11 @@ bit output with no translation."
(w32-add-charset-info "iso8859-13" 'w32-charset-baltic 1257)
(w32-add-charset-info "koi8-r" 'w32-charset-russian 20866)
(w32-add-charset-info "iso8859-5" 'w32-charset-russian 28595)
(w32-add-charset-info "tis620" 'w32-charset-thai 874)
(w32-add-charset-info "ksc5601.1992" 'w32-charset-johab 1361)
(w32-add-charset-info "mac" 'w32-charset-mac nil)))
(w32-add-charset-info "tis620-1" 'w32-charset-thai 874)
(w32-add-charset-info "ksc5601.1992-1" 'w32-charset-johab 1361)
(w32-add-charset-info "mac-latin" 'w32-charset-mac nil)))
(if (boundp 'w32-unicode-charset-defined)
(w32-add-charset-info "unicode" 'w32-charset-unicode t)
(w32-add-charset-info "iso10646-1" 'w32-charset-unicode t))
;; If unicode windows charset is not defined, use ansi fonts.
(w32-add-charset-info "iso10646-1" 'w32-charset-ansi t))
2007-11-10 Stefan Monnier <>
* xdisp.c (load_overlay_strings): Fix copy&paste typo.
2007-11-09 Jason Rumney <>
* s/ms-w32.c (USE_TOOLKIT_SCROLL_BARS): Define.
......@@ -4906,7 +4906,7 @@ load_overlay_strings (it, charpos)
j = it->current.overlay_string_index;
while (i < OVERLAY_STRING_CHUNK_SIZE && j < n)
it->overlay_strings[i++] = entries[j++].string;
it->overlay_strings[i] = entries[j].string;
it->string_overlays[i++] = entries[j++].overlay;
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