Commit a4659527 authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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* frame.h (struct frame): New fields called async_visible and

	non-MULTI_FRAME definitions.
parent 323405de
......@@ -116,14 +116,35 @@ struct frame
/* Nonzero if last attempt at redisplay on this frame was preempted. */
char display_preempted;
/* Nonzero if frame is currently displayed. */
char visible;
/* visible is nonzero if the frame is currently displayed; we check
it to see if we should bother updating the frame's contents.
/* Nonzero if window is currently iconified.
This and visible are mutually exclusive. */
char iconified;
iconified is nonzero if the frame is currently iconified.
Asynchronous input handlers should NOT change these directly;
instead, they should change async_visible or async_iconified, and
let the FRAME_SAMPLE_VISIBILITY macro set visible and iconified
at the next redisplay.
These should probably be considered read-only by everyone except
This two are mutually exclusive. They might both be zero, if the
frame has been made invisible without an icon. */
char visible, iconified;
/* Asynchronous input handlers change these, and
FRAME_SAMPLE_VISIBILITY copies them into visible and iconified.
#ifdef __STDC__
char async_visible, async_iconified;
/* Nonzero if this frame should be redrawn. */
#ifdef __STDC__
char garbaged;
/* True if frame actually has a minibuffer window on it.
......@@ -200,6 +221,27 @@ typedef struct frame *FRAME_PTR;
#define FRAME_SCROLL_BOTTOM_VPOS(f) (f)->scroll_bottom_vpos
#define FRAME_FOCUS_FRAME(f) (f)->focus_frame
/* Emacs's redisplay code could become confused if a frame's
visibility changes at arbitrary times. For example, if a frame is
visible while the desired glyphs are being built, but becomes
invisible before they are updated, then some rows of the
desired_glyphs will be left marked as enabled after redisplay is
complete, which should never happen. The next time the frame
becomes visible, redisplay will probably barf.
Currently, there are no similar situations involving iconified, but
the principle is the same.
So instead of having asynchronous input handlers directly set and
clear the frame's visibility and iconification flags, they just set
the async_visible and async_iconified flags; the redisplay code
calls the FRAME_SAMPLE_VISIBILITY macro before doing any redisplay,
which sets visible and iconified from their asynchronous
counterparts. */
((f)->visible = (f)->async_visible, \
(f)->iconified = (f)->async_iconified)
#define CHECK_FRAME(x, i) \
{ \
if (! FRAMEP (x)) \
......@@ -303,6 +345,9 @@ extern int message_buf_print;
#define FRAME_SCROLL_BOTTOM_VPOS(f) (the_only_frame.scroll_bottom_vpos)
#define FRAME_FOCUS_FRAME(f) (0)
/* See comments in definition above. */
#define CHECK_FRAME(x, i) do; while (0)
#define CHECK_LIVE_FRAME(x, y) do; while (0)
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