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Use libtinfo in preference to libncurses (bug#9741)

* Try libtinfo for tputs.
(LIBS_TERMCAP) [gnu*]: Use libtinfo if it was found.  

* etc/NEWS: Mention this.
parent 3ba0a545
2012-05-01 Glenn Morris <>
* Try libtinfo for tputs.
(LIBS_TERMCAP) [gnu*]: Use libtinfo if it was found. (Bug#9741)
* Combine adjacent $opsys case blocks.
* (LIBS_TERMCAP): Remove unreachable branch for sol2.
......@@ -2868,7 +2868,7 @@ AC_DEFUN([tputs_link_source], [
# Maybe curses should be tried earlier?
# See
for tputs_library in '' ncurses terminfo termcap curses; do
for tputs_library in '' tinfo ncurses terminfo termcap curses; do
if test -z "$tputs_library"; then
......@@ -2888,7 +2888,8 @@ done
if test "X$msg" = Xno; then
AC_MSG_ERROR([The required function `tputs' was not found in any library.
These libraries were tried: libncurses, libterminfo, libtermcap, libcurses.
The following libraries were tried (in order):
libtinfo, libncurses, libterminfo, libtermcap, libcurses
Please try installing whichever of these libraries is most appropriate
for your system, together with its header files.
For example, a libncurses-dev(el) or similar package.])
......@@ -2897,12 +2898,18 @@ fi
## Use termcap instead of terminfo?
## Only true for: freebsd < 40000, ms-w32, msdos, netbsd < 599002500.
## FIXME? In the cases below where we unconditionally set
## LIBS_TERMCAP="-lncurses", this overrides LIBS_TERMCAP = -ltinfo,
## if that was found above to have tputs.
## Should we use the gnu* logic everywhere?
case "$opsys" in
## darwin: Prevents crashes when running Emacs in under 10.2.
## The ncurses library has been moved out of the System framework in
## Mac OS X 10.2. So if configure detects it, set the command-line
## option to use it.
darwin|gnu*) LIBS_TERMCAP="-lncurses" ;;
darwin) LIBS_TERMCAP="-lncurses" ;;
gnu*) [ "x$LIBS_TERMCAP" = x ] && LIBS_TERMCAP="-lncurses" ;;
AC_MSG_CHECKING([whether FreeBSD is new enough to use terminfo])
......@@ -29,6 +29,9 @@ possibly-questionable C code. On a recent GNU system there should be
no warnings; on older and on non-GNU systems the generated warnings
may be useful.
** Emacs uses libtinfo in preference to libncurses, if available.
* Startup Changes in Emacs 24.2
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