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(Fontsets): Correction to fontset-standard description.

parent a93be82a
......@@ -1356,11 +1356,8 @@ The default fontset is most likely to have fonts for a wide variety of
non-@acronym{ASCII} characters and is the default fallback for the
other two fontsets, and if you set a default font rather than fontset.
However it does not specify font family names, so results can be
somewhat random if you use it directly. The standard fontset merely
falls back on the default fontset without defining any modifications
of its own, and is defined for backwards compatibility. You can
specify use of the standard fontset with the @samp{-fn} option. For
somewhat random if you use it directly. You can specify use of a
specific fontset with the @samp{-fn} option. For example,
emacs -fn fontset-standard
......@@ -1370,6 +1367,11 @@ emacs -fn fontset-standard
You can also specify a fontset with the @samp{Font} resource (@pxref{X
If no fontset is specified for use, then Emacs uses an
@acronym{ASCII} font, with @samp{fontset-default} as a fallback for
characters the font does not cover. The standard fontset is only used if
explicitly requested, despite its name.
A fontset does not necessarily specify a font for every character
code. If a fontset specifies no font for a certain character, or if it
specifies a font that does not exist on your system, then it cannot
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