Commit a4e4510c authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Fix handling MS-Windows keyboard input above the BMP

* src/w32term.c (w32_read_socket): If we get a WM_UNICHAR message
with a surrogate codepoint, assemble the corresponding character
code above the BMP from its UTF-16 encoding, communicated in two
consecutive WM_UNICHAR messages.
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......@@ -4701,6 +4701,10 @@ static short temp_buffer[100];
/* Temporarily store lead byte of DBCS input sequences. */
static char dbcs_lead = 0;
/* Temporarily store pending UTF-16 high surrogate unit and the modifiers. */
static unsigned short utf16_high;
static DWORD utf16_high_modifiers;
mouse_or_wdesc_frame: When not dropping and the mouse was grabbed
for DPYINFO, return the frame where the mouse was seen last. If
......@@ -4912,8 +4916,44 @@ w32_read_socket (struct terminal *terminal,
XSETFRAME (inev.frame_or_window, f);
inev.timestamp = msg.msg.time;
if (utf16_high
&& (msg.msg.message != WM_UNICHAR
|| UTF_16_HIGH_SURROGATE_P (msg.msg.wParam)))
/* Flush the pending high surrogate if the low one
isn't coming. (This should never happen, but I
have paranoia about this stuff.) */
struct input_event inev1;
inev1.modifiers = utf16_high_modifiers;
inev1.code = utf16_high;
inev1.timestamp = inev.timestamp;
inev1.arg = Qnil;
kbd_buffer_store_event_hold (&inev1, hold_quit);
utf16_high = 0;
utf16_high_modifiers = 0;
if (msg.msg.message == WM_UNICHAR)
/* Handle UTF-16 encoded codepoint above the BMP.
This is needed to support Emoji input from input
panel popped up by "Win+." shortcut. */
if (UTF_16_HIGH_SURROGATE_P (msg.msg.wParam))
utf16_high = msg.msg.wParam;
utf16_high_modifiers = inev.modifiers;
inev.kind = NO_EVENT;
else if (UTF_16_LOW_SURROGATE_P (msg.msg.wParam)
&& utf16_high)
inev.code = surrogates_to_codepoint (msg.msg.wParam,
utf16_high = 0;
utf16_high_modifiers = 0;
inev.code = msg.msg.wParam;
else if (msg.msg.wParam < 256)
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