Commit a5218868 authored by Pavel Janík's avatar Pavel Janík
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(x_laplace_read_row, x_laplace_write_row): Prototypes removed.

parent b6715b9f
......@@ -7715,10 +7715,6 @@ colors_in_color_table (n)
static void x_laplace_write_row P_ ((struct frame *, long *,
int, XImage *, int));
static void x_laplace_read_row P_ ((struct frame *, Colormap,
XColor *, int, XImage *, int));
static XColor *x_to_xcolors P_ ((struct frame *, struct image *, int));
static void x_from_xcolors P_ ((struct frame *, struct image *, XColor *));
static void x_detect_edges P_ ((struct frame *, struct image *, int[9], int));
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