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2005-03-07 Kim F. Storm <>
* simple.el (move-beginning-of-line): New command.
* bindings.el (global-map): Bind C-a to move-beginning-of-line.
* reveal.el (reveal-mode-map): Bind C-a to beginning-of-line.
* emulation/cua-base.el: Put CUA move property on move-end-of-line
and move-beginning-of-line.
* apropos.el (apropos-print): Omit command from M-x ... RET.
2005-03-07 Nick Roberts <>
2005-03-07 Kim F. Storm <>
* blockinput.h (TOTALLY_UNBLOCK_INPUT): Avoid dangling else.
* xdisp.c (notice_overwritten_cursor): Check that phys_cursor.vpos
is valid. If not, clear phys_cursor_on_p and return.
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