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*** empty log message ***

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......@@ -858,19 +858,29 @@ are shown; the contents of those subgroups are initially hidden."
(defun customize-changed-options (since-version)
"Customize all user option variables whose default values changed recently.
This means, in other words, variables defined with a `:version' option."
This means, in other words, variables and groups defined with a `:version'
(interactive "sCustomize options changed, since version (default all versions): ")
(if (equal since-version "")
(setq since-version nil))
(let ((found nil))
(mapatoms (lambda (symbol)
(and (boundp symbol)
(and (or (boundp symbol)
;; For groups the previous test fails, this one
;; could be used to determine if symbol is a
;; group. Is there a better way for this?
(get symbol 'group-documentation))
(let ((version (get symbol 'custom-version)))
(and version
(or (null since-version)
(customize-version-lessp since-version version))))
(setq found
(cons (list symbol 'custom-variable) found)))))
;; We have to set the right thing here,
;; depending if we have a group or a
;; variable.
(if (get symbol 'group-documentation)
(cons (list symbol 'custom-group) found)
(cons (list symbol 'custom-variable) found))))))
(if (not found)
(error "No user options have changed defaults in recent Emacs versions")
(custom-buffer-create (custom-sort-items found t nil)
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