Commit a55f4be1 authored by Nick Roberts's avatar Nick Roberts
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(gud-gud-gdb-command-name): New option.

(gud-gdb): New function for old M-x gdb (text command mode).
(gud-gdb-command-name, gdb): Move to gdb-ui.el.
parent 4d4cc780
......@@ -589,8 +589,10 @@ required by the caller."
;; History of argument lists passed to gdb.
(defvar gud-gdb-history nil)
(defcustom gud-gdb-command-name "gdb --annotate=3"
"Default command to execute an executable under the GDB debugger."
(defcustom gud-gud-gdb-command-name "gdb --fullname"
"Default command to run an executable under GDB in text command mode.
The option \"--fullname\" must be included in it's value."
:type 'string
:group 'gud)
......@@ -695,8 +697,9 @@ required by the caller."
(defvar gud-filter-pending-text nil
"Non-nil means this is text that has been saved for later in `gud-filter'.")
;; The old gdb command. The new one is in gdb-ui.el.
(defun gdb (command-line)
(defun gud-gdb (command-line)
"Run gdb on program FILE in buffer *gud-FILE*.
The directory containing FILE becomes the initial working
directory and source-file directory for your debugger. By
......@@ -709,7 +712,7 @@ current Emacs session, or the custom variable
`gud-gdb-command-name' for all future sessions. You need to use
text command mode to debug multiple programs within one Emacs
(interactive (list (gud-query-cmdline 'gdb)))
(interactive (list (gud-query-cmdline 'gud-gdb)))
(require 'gdb-ui)
......@@ -757,7 +760,7 @@ session."
(setq gud-running nil)
(setq gdb-ready nil)
(setq gud-filter-pending-text nil)
(run-hooks 'gdb-mode-hook))
(run-hooks 'gud-gdb-mode-hook))
;; One of the nice features of GDB is its impressive support for
;; context-sensitive command completion. We preserve that feature
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