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Add missing findex entries for recently removed kindex entries

* doc/misc/mh-e.texi:
parent 90ca83d4
......@@ -5974,6 +5974,9 @@ Using prefixes instead of postfixes helps you explore aliases during
completion. If you forget the name of an old dive buddy, you can enter
@samp{div} and then @key{SPC} to get a listing of all your dive buddies.
@findex mh-alias-add-address-under-point
@findex mh-alias-grab-from-field
An alias for the sender of the current message is added automatically
by clicking on the @samp{Grab From alias} tool bar button or by running
the @kbd{M-x mh-alias-grab-from-field} command. Aliases for other
......@@ -6265,6 +6268,7 @@ containing the value for the field is given.
@cindex folder navigation
@cindex speedbar
@findex mh-visit-folder
@findex speedbar
@kindex F v
@kindex mouse-2
......@@ -7984,6 +7988,7 @@ system.
@cindex MH-E version
@cindex @file{*MH-E Info*}
@cindex version
@findex mh-version
One command worth noting is @kbd{M-x mh-version}. You can compare the
version this command prints to the latest release (@pxref{Getting
......@@ -8698,6 +8703,7 @@ I also point out some additional sources of information.
@cindex bugs
@cindex SourceForge
@findex mh-version
Bug reports should be filed at
@uref{, SourceForge}. You need to
......@@ -8773,6 +8779,7 @@ instead.
@cindex news
@cindex @samp{MH-E-NEWS}
@cindex @samp{README}
@findex mh-version
After you download and extract the MH-E tarball, read the
@file{README} file and @file{MH-E-NEWS}. These correspond to the
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