Commit a583c723 authored by Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Ingebrigtsen

Respect message-forward-ignored-headers more

* lisp/gnus/message.el (message-forward-ignored-headers): Clarify
doc string once again.
(message-forward-make-body-mime): Remove headers when not
encrypted (bug#45631).
(message-forward-make-body): Pass in correct values.
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in 99 minutes and 46 seconds
......@@ -701,6 +701,13 @@ not.
** Message
*** Respect 'message-forward-ignored-headers' more.
Previously, this variable would not be consulted if
'message-forward-show-mml' was nil. It's now always used, except if
'message-forward-show-mml' is 'best', and we're forwarding an
encrypted/signed message.
*** Message now supports the OpenPGP header.
To generate these headers, add the new function
......@@ -620,8 +620,8 @@ Done before generating the new subject of a forward."
(defcustom message-forward-ignored-headers "^Content-Transfer-Encoding:\\|^X-Gnus"
"All headers that match this regexp will be deleted when forwarding a message.
This variable is only consulted when forwarding \"normally\", not
when forwarding as MIME or the like.
This variable is not consulted when forwarding encrypted messages
and `message-forward-show-mml' is `best'.
This may also be a list of regexps."
:version "21.1"
......@@ -7638,7 +7638,8 @@ Optional DIGEST will use digest to forward."
t nil t)))))
(defun message-forward-make-body-mime (forward-buffer &optional beg end)
(defun message-forward-make-body-mime (forward-buffer &optional beg end
(let ((b (point)))
(insert "\n\n<#part type=message/rfc822 disposition=inline raw=t>\n")
......@@ -7648,6 +7649,8 @@ Optional DIGEST will use digest to forward."
(goto-char (point-min))
(when (looking-at "From ")
(replace-match "X-From-Line: "))
(when remove-headers
(message-remove-ignored-headers (point-min) (point-max)))
(goto-char (point-max)))
(insert "<#/part>\n")
;; Consider there is no illegible text.
......@@ -7786,7 +7789,8 @@ is for the internal use."
(error t))))))
(message-forward-make-body-mml forward-buffer)
(message-forward-make-body-mime forward-buffer))
forward-buffer nil nil (not (eq message-forward-show-mml 'best))))
(message-forward-make-body-plain forward-buffer)))
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