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* viper-mous.el (vip-surrounding-word): modified to understand tripple clicks.

parent f90edb57
......@@ -84,97 +84,65 @@ For convenience, in Lisp modes, `-' is considered alphanumeric.
If CLICK-COUNT is 3 or more, returns the line clicked on with leading and
trailing space and tabs removed. In that case, the first argument, COUNT,
is ignored."
(let ((basic-alpha "_a-zA-Z0-9") ; it is important for `_' to come first
(basic-alpha-B "[_a-zA-Z0-9]")
(basic-nonalphasep-B vip-NONALPHASEP-B)
(end-modifiers "")
(start-modifiers "")
(let ((modifiers "")
beg skip-flag result
one-char-word-func word-function-forw word-function-back word-beg)
(if (> click-count 2)
(skip-chars-forward " \t")
(vip-skip-all-separators-forward 'within-line)
(setq beg (point))
(setq result (buffer-substring beg (point))))
(if (and (looking-at basic-nonalphasep-B)
(if (and (not (vip-looking-at-alphasep))
(or (save-excursion (vip-backward-char-carefully)
(looking-at basic-alpha-B))
(save-excursion (vip-forward-char-carefully)
(looking-at basic-alpha-B))))
(setq start-modifiers
(setq modifiers
(cond ((looking-at "\\\\") "\\\\")
((looking-at "-") "")
((looking-at "-") "C-C-")
((looking-at "[][]") "][")
((looking-at "[()]") ")(")
((looking-at "[{}]") "{}")
((looking-at "[<>]") "<>")
((looking-at "[`']") "`'")
((looking-at "\\^") "")
((looking-at vip-SEP-B) "")
((looking-at "\\^") "\\^")
((vip-looking-at-separator) "")
(t (char-to-string (following-char))))
(cond ((looking-at "-") "C-C-") ;; note the C-C trick
((looking-at "\\^") "^")
(t ""))))
;; Add `-' to alphanum, if it wasn't added and in we are in Lisp
;; Add `-' to alphanum, if it wasn't added and if we are in Lisp
(or (looking-at "-")
(not (string-match "lisp" (symbol-name major-mode)))
(setq end-modifiers (concat end-modifiers "C-C-")))
(setq modifiers (concat modifiers "C-C-")))
(setq vip-ALPHA
(format "%s%s%s" start-modifiers basic-alpha end-modifiers)
(format "[%s%s%s]" start-modifiers basic-alpha end-modifiers)
vip-NONALPHA (concat "^" vip-ALPHA)
vip-NONALPHA-B (concat "[" vip-NONALPHA "]")
vip-ALPHASEP (concat vip-ALPHA vip-SEP)
(format "[%s%s%s%s]"
start-modifiers basic-alpha vip-SEP end-modifiers)
vip-NONALPHASEP (format "^%s%s" vip-SEP vip-ALPHA)
vip-NONALPHASEP-B (format "[^%s%s]" vip-SEP vip-ALPHA)
(if (> click-count 1)
(setq one-char-word-func 'vip-one-char-Word-p
word-function-forw 'vip-end-of-Word
word-function-back 'vip-backward-Word)
(setq one-char-word-func 'vip-one-char-word-p
word-function-forw 'vip-end-of-word
word-function-back 'vip-backward-word))
(cond ((> click-count 1) (skip-chars-backward vip-NONSEP))
((looking-at vip-ALPHA-B) (skip-chars-backward vip-ALPHA))
((looking-at vip-NONALPHASEP-B)
(skip-chars-backward vip-NONALPHASEP))
(t (funcall word-function-back 1)))
(cond ((> click-count 1) (vip-skip-nonseparators 'backward))
((vip-looking-at-alpha modifiers)
(vip-skip-alpha-backward modifiers))
((not (vip-looking-at-alphasep modifiers))
(t (if (> click-count 1)
(vip-skip-nonseparators 'backward)
(vip-skip-alpha-backward modifiers))))
(setq word-beg (point))
(setq skip-flag t)
(setq skip-flag nil) ; don't move 1 char forw the first time
(while (> count 0)
;; skip-flag and the test for 1-char word takes care of the
;; special treatment that vip-end-of-word gives to 1-character
;; words. Otherwise, clicking once on such a word will insert two
;; words.
(if (and skip-flag (funcall one-char-word-func))
(setq skip-flag (not skip-flag))
(funcall word-function-forw 1))
(if skip-flag (vip-forward-char-carefully 1))
(setq skip-flag t) ; now always move 1 char forward
(if (> click-count 1)
(vip-skip-nonseparators 'forward)
(vip-skip-alpha-forward modifiers))
(setq count (1- count)))
(setq result (buffer-substring word-beg (point))))
) ; if
;; XEmacs doesn't have set-text-propertiesr, but there buffer-substring
;; XEmacs doesn't have set-text-properties, but there buffer-substring
;; doesn't return properties together with the string, so it's not needed.
(if vip-emacs-p
(set-text-properties 0 (length result) nil result))
......@@ -432,12 +400,14 @@ bindings in viper.el and in the Viper manual."
(cond ((vip-window-display-p)
(let* ((search-key (if vip-xemacs-p [(meta button1up)] [S-mouse-1]))
(let* ((search-key (if vip-xemacs-p
[(meta shift button1up)] [S-mouse-1]))
(search-key-catch (if vip-xemacs-p
[(meta button1)] [S-down-mouse-1]))
(insert-key (if vip-xemacs-p [(meta button2up)] [S-mouse-2]))
[(meta shift button1)] [S-down-mouse-1]))
(insert-key (if vip-xemacs-p
[(meta shift button2up)] [S-mouse-2]))
(insert-key-catch (if vip-xemacs-p
[(meta button2)] [S-down-mouse-2]))
[(meta shift button2)] [S-down-mouse-2]))
(search-key-unbound (and (not (key-binding search-key))
(not (key-binding search-key-catch))))
(insert-key-unbound (and (not (key-binding insert-key))
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