Commit a599ac7c authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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Remove expt, delete, rassoc from autoloads

parent e9b4e5ff
......@@ -576,7 +576,7 @@ Keywords supported: :test :test-not :key"
coerce equalp cl-map-keymap maplist mapc mapl mapcan mapcon
cl-map-keymap cl-map-keymap-recursively cl-map-intervals
cl-map-overlays cl-set-frame-visible-p cl-float-limits
gcd lcm isqrt expt floor* ceiling* truncate* round*
gcd lcm isqrt floor* ceiling* truncate* round*
mod* rem* signum random* make-random-state random-state-p
subseq concatenate cl-mapcar-many map some every notany
notevery revappend nreconc list-length tailp copy-tree get* getf
......@@ -586,13 +586,13 @@ Keywords supported: :test :test-not :key"
("cl-seq" nil
reduce fill replace remq remove remove* remove-if remove-if-not
delete delete* delete-if delete-if-not remove-duplicates
delete* delete-if delete-if-not remove-duplicates
delete-duplicates substitute substitute-if substitute-if-not
nsubstitute nsubstitute-if nsubstitute-if-not find find-if
find-if-not position position-if position-if-not count count-if
count-if-not mismatch search sort* stable-sort merge member*
member-if member-if-not cl-adjoin assoc* assoc-if assoc-if-not
rassoc* rassoc rassoc-if rassoc-if-not union nunion intersection
rassoc* rassoc-if rassoc-if-not union nunion intersection
nintersection set-difference nset-difference set-exclusive-or
nset-exclusive-or subsetp subst-if subst-if-not nsubst nsubst-if
nsubst-if-not sublis nsublis tree-equal)
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