Commit a5a973dd authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(insert-kbd-macro): Duplicate definition deleted.

parent a46fb9a1
......@@ -716,41 +716,6 @@ If START or END is negative, it counts from the end."
collect (if (= (logand ch ?\M-\^@) 0)
ch (+ ch 128))))
;;; The following probably ought to go in macros.el:
(defun insert-kbd-macro (macroname &optional keys)
"Insert in buffer the definition of kbd macro NAME, as Lisp code.
Optional second arg KEYS means also record the keys it is on
\(this is the prefix argument, when calling interactively).
This Lisp code will, when executed, define the kbd macro with the same
definition it has now. If you say to record the keys, the Lisp code
will also rebind those keys to the macro. Only global key bindings
are recorded since executing this Lisp code always makes global
To save a kbd macro, visit a file of Lisp code such as your `~/.emacs',
use this command, and then save the file."
(interactive "CInsert kbd macro (name): \nP")
(let (definition)
(if (string= (symbol-name macroname) "")
(setq definition (format-kbd-macro))
(insert "(setq last-kbd-macro"))
(setq definition (format-kbd-macro macroname))
(insert (format "(defalias '%s" macroname)))
(if (> (length definition) 50)
(insert " (read-kbd-macro\n")
(insert "\n (read-kbd-macro "))
(prin1 definition (current-buffer))
(insert "))\n")
(if keys
(let ((keys (where-is-internal macroname '(keymap))))
(while keys
(insert (format "(global-set-key %S '%s)\n" (car keys) macroname))
(setq keys (cdr keys)))))))
(provide 'edmacro)
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