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(Communication Coding): Document x-select-request-type.

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2007-11-15 Richard Stallman <>
* cl.texi (Equality Predicates): Delete `eql'.
(Predicates, Naming Conventions, Top): Delete `eql'.
(Common Lisp Compatibility): Delete `eql'.
(Porting Common Lisp): Delete obsolete backquote info.
Minor clarification about character constants.
(Sequence Basics): Minor clarification.
2007-11-15 Kenichi Handa <>
* mule.texi (Communication Coding): Document x-select-request-type.
2007-11-11 Glenn Morris <>
* calendar.texi (Special Diary Entries): Fix Thanksgiving example.
......@@ -1103,6 +1103,15 @@ specified by one of the environment variables @env{LC_ALL},
specified above, whose value is nonempty is the one that determines
the text representation.)
@vindex x-select-request-type
The variable @code{x-select-request-type} specifies a selection data
type of selection to request from the X server. The default value is
@code{nil}, which means Emacs tries @code{COMPOUND_TEXT} and
@code{UTF8_STRING}, and uses whichever result seems more appropriate.
You can explicitly specify the data type by setting the variable to
one of the symbols @code{COMPOUND_TEXT}, @code{UTF8_STRING},
@code{STRING} and @code{TEXT}.
@node File Name Coding
@section Coding Systems for File Names
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