Commit a5bee597 authored by Michael Albinus's avatar Michael Albinus
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* etc/NEWS: Tramp supports SELinux.

parent 632c5478
......@@ -86,6 +86,9 @@ context in their return values.
*** The new functions file-selinux-context and set-file-selinux-context
get and set the SELinux context of a file.
*** Tramp offers handlers for file-selinux-context and set-file-selinux-context
for remote machines which support SELinux.
** New scrolling commands `scroll-up-command' and `scroll-down-command'
(bound to C-v/[next] and M-v/[prior]) does not signal errors at top/bottom
of buffer at first key-press (instead moves to top/bottom of buffer)
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