Commit a5d05f44 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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* etc/PROBLEMS: Mention the link-time problems on FreeBSD 11.

parent 9c28e70b
......@@ -2458,6 +2458,13 @@ files are installed. Then use:
(using the location of the 32-bit X libraries on your system).
*** Building on FreeBSD 11 fails at link time due to unresolved symbol
The symbol is sendmmsg@FBSD_1.4. This is due to a faulty libgio
library on these systems. The solution is to reconfigure Emacs while
disabling all the features that require libgio: rsvg, dbus, gconf, and
*** Building Emacs for Cygwin can fail with GCC 3
As of Emacs 22.1, there have been stability problems with Cygwin
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