Commit a5d358f8 authored by Johan Bockgård's avatar Johan Bockgård
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(vc-annotate-revision-previous-to-line): Really use previous revision.

parent 573f4575
2009-11-25 Johan Bockgård <>
* vc-annotate.el (vc-annotate-revision-previous-to-line):
Really use previous revision.
2009-11-25 Kevin Ryde <>
* man.el (Man-completion-table): default-directory "/" in case
......@@ -476,7 +476,7 @@ Return a cons (REV . FILENAME)."
(setq prev-rev
(vc-call-backend vc-annotate-backend 'previous-revision
fname rev))
(vc-annotate-warp-revision rev fname)))))
(vc-annotate-warp-revision prev-rev fname)))))
(defun vc-annotate-show-log-revision-at-line ()
"Visit the log of the revision at line."
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