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Remove Gnus posting style reference to message-reply-headers

* doc/misc/gnus.texi (Posting Styles): Remove bit about
message-reply-headers, because it has never worked.
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......@@ -12855,10 +12855,7 @@ The attribute value can be a string, a function with zero arguments
(the return value will be used), a variable (its value will be used)
or a list (it will be @code{eval}ed and the return value will be
used). The functions and sexps are called/@code{eval}ed in the
message buffer that is being set up. The headers of the current
article are available through the @code{message-reply-headers}
variable, which is a @code{mail-header} object that can be accessed
via the @code{mail-header-*} accessors.
message buffer that is being set up.
In the case of a string value, if the @code{match} is a regular
expression, or if it takes the form @code{(header @var{match}
......@@ -12868,8 +12865,6 @@ the corresponding parenthetical matches (@pxref{Replacing Match,,
Replacing the Text that Matched, elisp, The Emacs Lisp Reference
@vindex message-reply-headers
If you wish to check whether the message you are about to compose is
meant to be a news article or a mail message, you can check the values
of the @code{message-news-p} and @code{message-mail-p} functions.
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