Commit a5ff3075 authored by Jay Belanger's avatar Jay Belanger
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(calc-get-operator-history): New variable.

(calc-get-operator): Use calc-get-operator-history.
parent 56e8410b
......@@ -498,6 +498,9 @@
;;; Return a list of the form (nargs func name)
(defvar calc-get-operator-history nil
"History for calc-get-operator.")
(defun calc-get-operator (msg &optional nargs)
(setq calc-aborted-prefix nil)
(let ((inv nil) (hyp nil) (prefix nil) (forcenargs nil)
......@@ -583,7 +586,8 @@
(let* ((calc-dollar-values calc-arg-values)
(calc-dollar-used 0)
(calc-hashes-used 0)
(func (calc-do-alg-entry "" "Function: ")))
(func (calc-do-alg-entry "" "Function: " nil
(setq record-entry t)
(or (= (length func) 1)
(error "Bad format"))
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