Commit a6805333 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa

(map_char_table_for_charset): Add comment.

parent 6f1b43a0
......@@ -980,6 +980,27 @@ map_sub_char_table_for_charset (c_function, function, table, arg, range,
/* Support function for `map-charset-chars'. Map C_FUNCTION or
FUNCTION over TABLE, calling it for each cahracter or a group of
succeeding characters that have non-nil value in TABLE. TABLE is a
"mapping table" or a "deunifier table" of a certain charset.
If CHARSET is not NULL (this is the case that `map-charset-chars'
is called with non-nil FROM-CODE and TO-CODE), it is a charset who
owns TABLE, and the function is called only on a character in the
range FROM and TO. FROM and TO are not character codes, but code
points of a character in CHARSET.
This function is called in these two cases:
(1) A charset has a mapping file name in :map property.
(2) A charset has an upper code space in :offset property and a
mapping file name in :unify-map property. In this case, this
function is called only for characters in the Unicode code space.
Characters in upper code space are handled directly in
map_charset_chars. */
map_char_table_for_charset (c_function, function, table, arg,
charset, from, to)
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