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* etc/NEWS: Mention eql etc. NaN fix.

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......@@ -821,6 +821,13 @@ changes and the change hooks are time consuming.
** The function 'get-free-disk-space' returns now a non-nil value for
remote systems, which support this check.
** 'eql', 'make-hash-table', etc. now treat NaNs consistently.
Formerly, some of these functions ignored signs and significands of
NaNs. Now, all these functions treat NaN signs and significands as
significant. For example, (eql 0.0e+NaN -0.0e+NaN) now returns t
because the two NaNs have different signs; formerly it returned nil.
** The function 'make-string' accepts an additional optional argument.
If the optional third argument is non-nil, 'make-string' will produce
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