Commit a72d5ce5 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann

(x_use_underline_position_properties): New variable.

(x_draw_glyph_string): Use it.
(syms_of_xterm): DEFVAR_BOOL it.
parent 9acb8eec
......@@ -256,6 +256,10 @@ static int any_help_event_p;
int x_stretch_cursor_p;
/* Non-zero means make use of UNDERLINE_POSITION font properties. */
int x_use_underline_position_properties;
/* This is a chain of structures for all the X displays currently in
use. */
......@@ -4498,7 +4502,8 @@ x_draw_glyph_string (s)
ROUND ((maximum descent) / 2), with
ROUND(x) = floor (x + 0.5) */
if (XGetFontProperty (s->font, XA_UNDERLINE_POSITION, &tem))
if (x_use_underline_position_properties
&& XGetFontProperty (s->font, XA_UNDERLINE_POSITION, &tem))
y = s->ybase + (long) tem;
else if (s->face->font)
y = s->ybase + (s->face->font->max_bounds.descent + 1) / 2;
......@@ -14411,6 +14416,14 @@ For example, if a block cursor is over a tab, it will be drawn as\n\
wide as that tab on the display.");
x_stretch_cursor_p = 0;
DEFVAR_BOOL ("x-use-underline-position-properties",
"*Non-nil means make use of UNDERLINE_POSITION font properties.\n\
Nil means ignore them. If you encounter fonts with bogus\n\
UNDERLINE_POSITION font properties, for example 7x13 on XFree prior\n\
to 4.1, set this to nil.");
x_use_underline_position_properties = 1;
DEFVAR_LISP ("x-toolkit-scroll-bars", &Vx_toolkit_scroll_bars,
"What X toolkit scroll bars Emacs uses.\n\
A value of nil means Emacs doesn't use X toolkit scroll bars.\n\
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