Commit a731c563 authored by Alan Third's avatar Alan Third
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Fix NS fringe bitmap drawing bug (bug#33864)

* src/nsterm.m (ns_draw_fringe_bitmap): Check the rectangle to clear
parent 0c524597
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......@@ -2919,7 +2919,7 @@ so some key presses (TAB) are swallowed by the system. */
/* Work out the rectangle we will need to clear. Because we're
compositing rather than blitting, we need to clear the area under
the image regardless of anything else. */
if (!p->overlay_p)
if (p->bx >= 0 && !p->overlay_p)
clearRect = NSMakeRect (p->bx, p->by, p->nx, p->ny);
clearRect = NSUnionRect (clearRect, imageRect);
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