Commit a74ddbda authored by Jason Rumney's avatar Jason Rumney
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(add_font_entity_to_list): Compare only the beginning of full name.

parent 3240618b
......@@ -117,12 +117,14 @@ struct font_callback_data
/* Handles the problem that EnumFontFamiliesEx will not return all
style variations if the font name is not specified. */
static void list_all_matching_fonts P_ ((struct font_callback_data *match_data));
static void list_all_matching_fonts P_ ((struct font_callback_data *match));
/* MingW headers only define this when _WIN32_WINNT >= 0x0500, but we
target older versions. */
static int
memq_no_quit (elt, list)
......@@ -503,7 +505,14 @@ w32font_text_extents (font, code, nglyphs, metrics)
Draw glyphs between FROM and TO of S->char2b at (X Y) pixel
position of frame F with S->FACE and S->GC. If WITH_BACKGROUND
is nonzero, fill the background in advance. It is assured that
WITH_BACKGROUND is zero when (FROM > 0 || TO < S->nchars). */
WITH_BACKGROUND is zero when (FROM > 0 || TO < S->nchars).
TODO: Currently this assumes that the colors and fonts are already
set in the DC. This seems to be true now, but maybe only due to
the old font code setting it up. It may be safer to resolve faces
and fonts in here and set them explicitly
static int
w32font_draw (s, from, to, x, y, with_background)
struct glyph_string *s;
......@@ -972,9 +981,11 @@ add_font_entity_to_list (logical_font, physical_font, font_type, lParam)
&& font_matches_spec (font_type, physical_font,
/* Avoid Windows substitution so we can control substitution with
alternate-fontname-alist. */
&& !strnicmp (&logical_font->elfFullName,
&match_data->pattern.lfFaceName, LF_FACESIZE))
alternate-fontname-alist. Full name may have Bold and/or Italic
appended, so only compare the beginning of the name. */
&& !strnicmp ((char *)&logical_font->elfFullName,
(char *)&match_data->pattern.lfFaceName,
min (strlen(&match_data->pattern.lfFaceName), LF_FACESIZE)))
Lisp_Object entity
= w32_enumfont_pattern_entity (match_data->frame, logical_font,
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