Commit a75b65c4 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(update_text_area): Clear mouse face on header lines.

parent e973477d
......@@ -4398,8 +4398,10 @@ update_text_area (w, vpos)
mouse-face areas after scrolling and other operations.
However, it causes excessive flickering when mouse is moved
across the mode line. Luckily, turning it off for the mode
line doesn't seem to hurt anything. -- cyd. */
|| (current_row->mouse_face_p && !current_row->mode_line_p)
line doesn't seem to hurt anything. -- cyd.
But it is still needed for the header line. -- kfs. */
|| (current_row->mouse_face_p
&& !(current_row->mode_line_p && vpos > 0))
|| current_row->x != desired_row->x)
rif->cursor_to (vpos, 0, desired_row->y, desired_row->x);
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