Commit a776ce7b authored by Simen Heggestøyl's avatar Simen Heggestøyl

Fix typo in the Emacs manual's VC chapter

* doc/emacs/maintaining.texi (VC Directory Buffer): Fix a typo.
parent 7f27d42f
......@@ -1181,7 +1181,7 @@ become up-to-date as a direct result of a VC command, it is listed.
Two work files have been modified but not committed:
@file{} in the current directory, and @file{foo.c} in the
@file{} in the current directory, and @file{main.c} in the
@file{src/} subdirectory. The file named @file{README} has been added
but is not yet committed, while @file{temp.txt} is not under version
control (@pxref{Registering}).
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