Commit a77cf24a authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Document 'help-go-forward'

* doc/emacs/help.texi (Help Mode): Document and index
'help-go-forward'.  (Bug#23323)
parent 1ba947f2
......@@ -410,6 +410,8 @@ Follow a hyperlink that you click on.
@item C-c C-c
Show all documentation about the symbol at point
@item C-c C-f
Go forward to the next help topic (@code{help-go-forward}).
@item C-c C-b
Go back to the previous help topic (@code{help-go-back}).
@end table
......@@ -417,15 +419,18 @@ Go back to the previous help topic (@code{help-go-back}).
@cindex hyperlink
@findex help-follow
@findex help-go-back
@findex help-go-forward
@kindex RET @r{(Help mode)}
@kindex C-c C-b @r{(Help mode)}
@kindex C-c C-f @r{(Help mode)}
When a function name, variable name, or face name (@pxref{Faces})
appears in the documentation in the help buffer, it is normally an
underlined @dfn{hyperlink}. To view the associated documentation,
move point there and type @key{RET} (@code{help-follow}), or click on
the hyperlink with @kbd{Mouse-1} or @kbd{Mouse-2}. Doing so replaces
the contents of the help buffer; to retrace your steps, type @kbd{C-c
C-b} (@code{help-go-back}).
C-b} (@code{help-go-back}). While retracing your steps, you can go
forward by using @kbd{C-c C-b} (@code{help-go-forward}).
@cindex URL, viewing in help
@cindex help, viewing web pages
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