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Comment change.

(comint-bol): Doc fix.
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......@@ -69,8 +69,8 @@
;;; m-s comint-next-matching-input Next input that matches
;;; m-c-l comint-show-output Show last batch of process output
;;; return comint-send-input
;;; c-a comint-bol Beginning of line; skip prompt
;;; c-d comint-delchar-or-maybe-eof Delete char unless at end of buff
;;; c-c c-a comint-bol Beginning of line; skip prompt
;;; c-c c-u comint-kill-input ^u
;;; c-c c-w backward-kill-word ^w
;;; c-c c-c comint-interrupt-subjob ^c
......@@ -1315,10 +1315,7 @@ set the hook `comint-input-sender'."
If prefix argument is given (\\[universal-argument]) the prompt is not skipped.
The prompt skip is done by skipping text matching the regular expression
`comint-prompt-regexp', a buffer local variable.
If you don't like this command, bind C-a to `beginning-of-line'
in your hook, `comint-mode-hook'."
`comint-prompt-regexp', a buffer local variable."
(interactive "P")
(if (null arg) (comint-skip-prompt)))
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