Commit a795e09a authored by Luc Teirlinck's avatar Luc Teirlinck
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(blink-cursor-timer): Doc fix.

(blink-cursor-mode): Use correct standard expression in defcustom.
(blink-cursor): Make it an alias for `blink-cursor-mode' and declare obsolete.
parent 4b52e779
......@@ -1253,10 +1253,36 @@ The function `blink-cursor-start' is called when the timer fires.")
(defvar blink-cursor-timer nil
"Timer started from `blink-cursor-start'.
This timer calls `blink-cursor' every `blink-cursor-interval' seconds.")
This timer calls `blink-cursor-timer-function' every
`blink-cursor-interval' seconds.")
;; The strange sequence below is meant to set both the right temporary
;; value and the right "standard expression" , according to Custom,
;; for blink-cursor-mode. We do not know the standard _evaluated_
;; value yet, because the standard expression uses values that are not
;; yet set. Evaluating it now would yield an error, but we make sure
;; that it is not evaluated, by ensuring that blink-cursor-mode is set
;; before the defcustom is evaluated and by using the right :initialize
;; function. The correct evaluated standard value will be installed
;; in startup.el using exactly the same expression as in the defcustom.
(defvar blink-cursor-mode)
(unless (boundp 'blink-cursor-mode) (setq blink-cursor-mode nil))
(defcustom blink-cursor-mode
(not (or noninteractive
(eq system-type 'ms-dos)
(not (memq window-system '(x w32)))))
"*Non-nil means Blinking Cursor mode is active."
:group 'cursor
:tag "Blinking cursor"
:type 'boolean
:initialize 'custom-initialize-set
:set #'(lambda (symbol value)
(set-default symbol value)
(blink-cursor-mode (or value 0))))
(defvar blink-cursor-mode nil
"Non-nil means blinking cursor is active.")
(defvaralias 'blink-cursor 'blink-cursor-mode)
(make-obsolete-variable 'blink-cursor 'blink-cursor-mode "22.1")
(defun blink-cursor-mode (arg)
"Toggle blinking cursor mode.
......@@ -1289,18 +1315,6 @@ cursor display. On a text-only terminal, this is not implemented."
(setq blink-cursor-mode t))
(internal-show-cursor nil t))))
;; Note that this is really initialized from startup.el before
;; the init-file is read.
(defcustom blink-cursor nil
"*Non-nil means blinking cursor mode is active."
:group 'cursor
:tag "Blinking cursor"
:type 'boolean
:set #'(lambda (symbol value)
(set-default symbol value)
(blink-cursor-mode (or value 0))))
(defun blink-cursor-start ()
"Timer function called from the timer `blink-cursor-idle-timer'.
This starts the timer `blink-cursor-timer', which makes the cursor blink
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