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(describe-char-after): Modify display

list processing.
(unicodedata-file, unicodedata-find): New.
parent 56a46d1d
......@@ -459,8 +459,15 @@ which font is being used for displaying the character."
(encoded (encode-coding-char char coding)))
(if encoded
(encoded-string-description encoded coding)
"not encodable")))))))
(setq max-width (apply #'max (mapcar #'(lambda (x) (length (car x)))
"not encodable"))))
,@(let ((unicodedata (if (encode-char char 'ucs)
(unicode-data char))))
(if unicodedata
(cons (list "Unicode data" " ") unicodedata))))))
(setq max-width (apply #'max (mapcar #'(lambda (x)
(if (cadr x)
(length (car x))
(with-output-to-temp-buffer "*Help*"
......@@ -468,16 +475,17 @@ which font is being used for displaying the character."
(set-buffer-multibyte multibyte-p)
(let ((formatter (format "%%%ds:" max-width)))
(dolist (elt item-list)
(insert (format formatter (car elt)))
(dolist (clm (cdr elt))
(when (>= (+ (current-column)
(or (string-match "\n" clm)
(string-width clm)) 1)
(insert "\n")
(indent-to (1+ max-width)))
(insert " " clm))
(insert "\n")))
(when (cadr elt)
(insert (format formatter (car elt)))
(dolist (clm (cdr elt))
(when (>= (+ (current-column)
(or (string-match "\n" clm)
(string-width clm)) 1)
(insert "\n")
(indent-to (1+ max-width)))
(insert " " clm))
(insert "\n"))))
(when composition
(insert "\nComposed with the following character(s) "
(mapconcat (lambda (x) (format "`%c'" x))
......@@ -1218,4 +1226,188 @@ system which uses fontsets)."
(setq fontsets (cdr fontsets)))))
(defcustom unicodedata-file nil
"Location of UnicodeData file.
This is the UnicodeData.txt file from the Unicode consortium, used for
diagnostics. If it is non-nil `describe-char-after' will print data
looked up from it."
:group 'mule
:type '(choice (const :tag "None" nil)
;; We could convert the unidata file into a Lispy form once-for-all
;; and distribute it for loading on demand. It might be made more
;; space-efficient by splitting strings word-wise and replacing them
;; with lists of symbols interned in a private obarray, e.g.
(defun unicode-data (char)
"Return a list of Unicode data for unicode CHAR.
Each element is a list of a property description and the property value.
The list is null if CHAR isn't found in `unicodedata-file'."
(if unicodedata-file
(set-buffer (find-file-noselect unicodedata-file))
(goto-char (point-min))
(let ((hex (format "%04X" char))
found first last)
(if (re-search-forward (concat "^" hex) nil t)
(setq found t)
;; It's not listed explicitly. Look for ranges, e.g. CJK
;; ideographs, and check whether it's in one of them.
(while (and (re-search-forward "^\\([^;]+\\);[^;]+First>;" nil t)
(>= char (setq first
(string-to-number (match-string 1) 16)))
(forward-line 1)
(looking-at "^\\([^;]+\\);[^;]+Last>;")
(> char
(setq last
(string-to-number (match-string 1) 16))))))
(if (and (>= char first)
(<= char last))
(setq found t)))
(if found
(let ((fields (mapcar (lambda (elt)
(if (> (length elt) 0)
(cdr (split-string
;; The length depends on whether the last field was empty.
(unless (or (= 13 (length fields))
(= 14 (length fields)))
(error "Invalid contents in %s" unicodedata-file))
;; The field names and values lists are slightly
;; modified from Mule-UCS unidata.el.
(list "Name" (let ((name (nth 0 fields)))
;; Check for <..., First>, <..., Last>
(if (string-match "\\`\\(<[^,]+\\)," name)
(concat (match-string 1 name) ">")
(list "Category"
(cdr (assoc
(nth 1 fields)
'(("Lu" . "uppercase letter")
("Ll" . "lowercase letter")
("Lt" . "titlecase letter")
("Mn" . "non-spacing mark")
("Mc" . "spacing-combining mark")
("Me" . "enclosing mark")
("Nd" . "decimal digit")
("Nl" . "letter number")
("No" . "other number")
("Zs" . "space separator")
("Zl" . "line separator")
("Zp" . "paragraph separator")
("Cc" . "other control")
("Cf" . "other format")
("Cs" . "surrogate")
("Co" . "private use")
("Cn" . "not assigned")
("Lm" . "modifier letter")
("Lo" . "other letter")
("Pc" . "connector punctuation")
("Pd" . "dash punctuation")
("Ps" . "open punctuation")
("Pe" . "close punctuation")
("Pi" . "initial-quotation punctuation")
("Pf" . "final-quotation punctuation")
("Po" . "other punctuation")
("Sm" . "math symbol")
("Sc" . "currency symbol")
("Sk" . "modifier symbol")
("So" . "other symbol")))))
(list "Combining class"
(cdr (assoc
(string-to-number (nth 2 fields))
'((0 . "Spacing")
(1 . "Overlays and interior")
(7 . "Nuktas")
(8 . "Hiragana/Katakana voicing marks")
(9 . "Viramas")
(10 . "Start of fixed position classes")
(199 . "End of fixed position classes")
(200 . "Below left attached")
(202 . "Below attached")
(204 . "Below right attached")
(208 . "Left attached (reordrant around \
single base character)")
(210 . "Right attached")
(212 . "Above left attached")
(214 . "Above attached")
(216 . "Above right attached")
(218 . "Below left")
(220 . "Below")
(222 . "Below right")
(224 . "Left (reordrant around single base \
(226 . "Right")
(228 . "Above left")
(230 . "Above")
(232 . "Above right")
(233 . "Double below")
(234 . "Double above")
(240 . "Below (iota subscript)")))))
(list "Bidi category"
(cdr (assoc
(nth 3 fields)
'(("L" . "Left-to-Right")
("LRE" . "Left-to-Right Embedding")
("LRO" . "Left-to-Right Override")
("R" . "Right-to-Left")
("AL" . "Right-to-Left Arabic")
("RLE" . "Right-to-Left Embedding")
("RLO" . "Right-to-Left Override")
("PDF" . "Pop Directional Format")
("EN" . "European Number")
("ES" . "European Number Separator")
("ET" . "European Number Terminator")
("AN" . "Arabic Number")
("CS" . "Common Number Separator")
("NSM" . "Non-Spacing Mark")
("BN" . "Boundary Neutral")
("B" . "Paragraph Separator")
("S" . "Segment Separator")
("WS" . "Whitespace")
("ON" . "Other Neutrals")))))
(list "Decomposition"
(if (nth 4 fields)
(let* ((parts (split-string (nth 4 fields)))
(info (car parts)))
(if (string-match "\\`<\\(.+\\)>\\'" info)
(setq info (match-string 1 info))
(setq info nil))
(if info (setq parts (cdr parts)))
(setq parts (mapconcat
(lambda (arg)
(string (string-to-number arg 16)))
parts " "))
(concat info parts))))
(list "Decimal digit value"
(if (nth 5 fields)
(string-to-number (nth 5 fields))))
(list "Digit value"
(if (nth 6 fields)
(string-to-number (nth 6 fields))))
(list "Numeric value"
(if (nth 7 fields)
(string-to-number (nth 6 fields))))
(list "Mirrored"
(if (equal "Y" (nth 8 fields))
(list "Old name" (nth 9 fields))
(list "ISO 10646 comment" (nth 10 fields))
(list "Uppercase" (and (nth 11 fields)
(string (string-to-number
(nth 11 fields) 16))))
(list "Lowercase" (and (nth 12 fields)
(string (string-to-number
(nth 12 fields) 16))))
(list "Titlecase" (and (nth 13 fields)
(string (string-to-number
(nth 13 fields) 16)))))))))))
;;; mule-diag.el ends here
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