Commit a7ad0079 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(PC-read-include-file-name-internal): Use test-completion.

parent 5e472af0
......@@ -937,12 +937,11 @@ absolute rather than relative to some directory on the SEARCH-PATH."
((not completion-table) nil)
((eq action nil) (try-completion str2 completion-table nil))
((eq action t) (all-completions str2 completion-table nil))
((eq action 'lambda)
(eq (try-completion str2 completion-table nil) t))))
((eq action 'lambda) (test-completion str2 completion-table nil))))
(funcall PC-old-read-file-name-internal string dir action)))
(provide 'complete)
;;; arch-tag: fc7e2768-ff44-4e22-b579-4d825b968458
;; arch-tag: fc7e2768-ff44-4e22-b579-4d825b968458
;;; complete.el ends here
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