Commit a7b50e1c authored by Reiner Steib's avatar Reiner Steib
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(gnus-print-buffer): Honor ps-print-color-p.

Suggested by <>.
parent 072d3818
2008-03-05 Reiner Steib <>
* gnus-sum.el (gnus-print-buffer): Honor ps-print-color-p.
Suggested by <>.
2008-02-29 Andreas Seltenreich <>
* nnweb.el (nnweb-google-parse-1): Fix date parsing on articles with
......@@ -8909,7 +8909,7 @@ to save in."
(mail-header-date gnus-current-headers) ")"))))
(gnus-run-hooks 'gnus-ps-print-hook)
(if window-system
(if ps-print-color-p
(kill-buffer buffer))))
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