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......@@ -930,6 +930,11 @@ mode-lines in inverse-video.
* Lisp Changes in Emacs 21.4
** The functions all-completions and try-completion now accept lists
of strings as well as hash-tables additionally to alists, obarrays
and functions. Furthermore, the function `test-completion' is now
exported to Lisp.
** When pure storage overflows while dumping, Emacs now prints how
much pure storage it will approximately need.
......@@ -1453,10 +1458,6 @@ This function returns the buffer-local binding of VARIABLE (a symbol)
in buffer BUFFER. If VARIABLE does not have a buffer-local binding in
buffer BUFFER, it returns the default value of VARIABLE instead.
** The default value of `paragraph-start' and `indent-line-function' has
been changed to reflect the one used in Text mode rather than the one
used in Indented Text mode.
** New function `text-clone-create'. Text clones are chunks of text
that are kept identical by transparently propagating changes from one
clone to the other.
......@@ -1476,6 +1477,7 @@ or `bg:COLOR' has been removed. Lisp programs should use the
are used by define-derived-mode to make sure the mode hook for the
parent mode is run at the end of the child mode.
** `provide' and `featurep' now accept an optional second argument
to test/provide subfeatures. Also `provide' now checks `after-load-alist'
and run any code associated with the provided feature.
2002-07-07 Stefan Monnier <>
* language/ind-util.el (indian-make-hash):
* language/devan-util.el (dev-char-glyph-hash, dev-glyph-glyph-hash)
(dev-glyph-glyph-2-hash): Switch makehash -> make-hash-table.
* subr.el (insert-string): Update the obsolete info.
(makehash): Move from C and mark obsolete.
* emacs-lisp/debug.el (debug-on-entry): Fix the wrapper used for
aliases to also work for interactive functions.
Use the same wrapper for subroutines.
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