Commit a7e65ac4 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(woman-locale): New defcustom.

(woman-expand-locale, woman-manpath-add-locales): New functions.
(woman-manpath): Call woman-manpath-add-locales.  Bump :version.
parent 44ee1bdf
......@@ -603,8 +603,61 @@ MANPATH_MAP[ \t]+\\(\\S-+\\)[ \t]+\\(\\S-+\\)\\)" nil t)
(setq path (cdr path)))
(nreverse manpath)))
;; Autoload so set-locale-environment can operate on it.
(defcustom woman-locale nil
"String specifying a manual page locale, or nil.
If a manual page is available in the specified locale
\(e.g. \"sv_SE.ISO8859-1\"), it will be offered in preference to the
default version. Normally, `set-locale-environment' sets this at startup."
:type '(choice string (const nil))
:group 'woman-interface
:version "23.1")
;; FIXME Is this a sensible list of alternatives?
(defun woman-expand-locale (locale)
"Expand a locale into a list suitable for man page lookup.
Expands a locale of the form LANGUAGE_TERRITORY.CHARSET into the list:
The TERRITORY and CHARSET portions may be absent."
(string-match "\\([^._]*\\)\\(_[^.]*\\)?\\(\\..*\\)?" locale)
(let ((lang (match-string 1 locale))
(terr (match-string 2 locale))
(charset (match-string 3 locale)))
(delq nil (list locale
(and charset terr (concat lang terr))
(and charset terr (concat lang charset))
(if (or charset terr) lang)))))
(defun woman-manpath-add-locales (manpath)
"Add locale-specific subdirectories to the elements of MANPATH.
MANPATH is a list of the form of `woman-manpath'. Returns a list
with those locale-specific subdirectories specified by the action
of `woman-expand-locale' on `woman-locale' added, where they exist."
(if (zerop (length woman-locale))
(let ((subdirs (woman-expand-locale woman-locale))
lst dir)
(dolist (elem manpath (nreverse lst))
(dolist (sub subdirs)
(when (file-directory-p
(setq dir
;; Use f-n-a-d because parse-colon-path does.
(expand-file-name sub (substitute-in-file-name
(if (consp elem)
(cdr elem)
(add-to-list 'lst (if (consp elem)
(cons (car elem) dir)
;; Non-locale-specific has lowest precedence.
(add-to-list 'lst elem)))))
(defcustom woman-manpath
(or (woman-parse-colon-path (getenv "MANPATH"))
;; Locales could also be added in woman-expand-directory-path.
(or (woman-manpath-add-locales
(woman-parse-colon-path (getenv "MANPATH")))
'("/usr/man" "/usr/share/man" "/usr/local/man"))
"List of DIRECTORY TREES to search for UN*X manual files.
Each element should be the name of a directory that contains
......@@ -636,6 +689,7 @@ I recommend including drive letters explicitly, e.g.
The MANPATH environment variable may be set using DOS semi-colon-
separated or UN*X/Cygwin colon-separated syntax (but not mixed)."
:type '(repeat (choice string (cons string string)))
:version "23.1" ; added woman-manpath-add-locales
:group 'woman-interface)
(defcustom woman-manpath-man-regexp "[Mm][Aa][Nn]"
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