Commit a7f2b0b1 authored by Adrian Robert's avatar Adrian Robert
Browse files (mac-fix-env): Compile it using ALL_CFLAGS.

parent 661aaece
2006-06-06 David Reitter <>
* (mac-fix-env): Compile it using ALL_CFLAGS.
2009-04-20 Juanma Barranquero <>
* emacsclient.c (print_help_and_exit): Fix typo and tabify (careful
......@@ -451,4 +451,4 @@ update-game-score.o: ${srcdir}/update-game-score.c ../src/config.h $(GETOPT_H)
mac-fix-env: ${srcdir}/mac-fix-env.m
$(CC) -o mac-fix-env ${srcdir}/mac-fix-env.m -prebind -framework Foundation
$(CC) ${ALL_CFLAGS} -o mac-fix-env ${srcdir}/mac-fix-env.m -prebind -framework Foundation
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