Commit a7f58f4b authored by Dan Nicolaescu's avatar Dan Nicolaescu
Browse files

* cus-edit.el (custom-browse-insert-prefix):

* emulation/edt.el (edt-x-emacs19-p): Use featurep 'xemacs.
parent c48254fb
2007-10-28 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* cus-edit.el (custom-browse-insert-prefix):
* emulation/edt.el (edt-x-emacs19-p): Use featurep 'xemacs.
2007-10-28 Juanma Barranquero <>
* server.el (server-process-filter): Fix typo in docstring.
......@@ -1713,7 +1713,7 @@ item in another window.\n\n"))
(defun custom-browse-insert-prefix (prefix)
"Insert PREFIX. On XEmacs convert it to line graphics."
;; Fixme: do graphics.
(if nil ; (string-match "XEmacs" emacs-version)
(if nil ; (featurep 'xemacs)
(insert "*")
(while (not (string-equal prefix ""))
......@@ -325,7 +325,7 @@ This means that an edt-user.el file was found in the user's `load-path'.")
"Non-nil if we are running GNU Emacs or XEmacs version 19, or higher.")
(defconst edt-x-emacs19-p
(and edt-emacs19-p (string-match "XEmacs" emacs-version))
(and edt-emacs19-p (featurep 'xemacs))
"Non-nil if we are running XEmacs version 19, or higher.")
(defconst edt-gnu-emacs19-p (and edt-emacs19-p (not edt-x-emacs19-p))
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