Commit a7f6929e authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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entered into RCS

parent 924f0a24
......@@ -70,17 +70,19 @@ need to define the name.")
The `ORGANIZATION' environment variable is used instead if defined.")
(defvar mh-progs
(cond ((file-directory-p "/usr/new/mh") "/usr/new/mh/")
((file-directory-p "/usr/local/bin/mh") "/usr/local/bin/mh/")
((file-directory-p "/usr/local/mh/") "/usr/local/mh/")
(t "/usr/local/bin/"))
"Directory containing MH commands")
(cond ((file-directory-p "/usr/bin/mh/") "/usr/bin/mh/") ;Ultrix 4.2
((file-directory-p "/usr/new/mh/") "/usr/new/mh/") ;Ultrix <4.2
((file-directory-p "/usr/local/bin/mh/") "/usr/local/bin/mh/")
((file-directory-p "/usr/local/mh/") "/usr/local/mh/")
(t "/usr/local/bin/"))
"Directory containing MH commands.")
(defvar mh-lib
(cond ((file-directory-p "/usr/new/lib/mh") "/usr/new/lib/mh/")
((file-directory-p "/usr/local/lib/mh") "/usr/local/lib/mh/")
(t "/usr/local/bin/mh/"))
"Directory of MH library")
(cond ((file-directory-p "/usr/lib/mh/") "/usr/lib/mh/") ;Ultrix 4.2
((file-directory-p "/usr/new/lib/mh/") "/usr/new/lib/mh/") ;Ultrix <4.2
((file-directory-p "/usr/local/lib/mh/") "/usr/local/lib/mh/")
(t "/usr/local/bin/mh/"))
"Directory of MH library.")
(defvar rmail-file-name "~/RMAIL"
"Name of user's primary mail file.")
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