Commit a7f7d550 authored by Fred Pierresteguy's avatar Fred Pierresteguy
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(x_window) [USE_X_TOOLKIT]: New args window_prompting and minibuffer_only.

Don't pass top_pos and left_pos to XtCreatePopupShell.
Call initialize_frame_menubar before creating the Emacs frame if it is
not the minibuffer. Call XtManageChild for the menubar widget if any.
Compute some geometry management.
(Fx_create_frame): Pass window_prompting and minibuffer_only to x_window.
Don't call x_wm_set_size_hint.
Don't call initialize_frame_menubar.
parent 48508a3a
......@@ -1699,8 +1699,15 @@ hack_wm_protocols (widget)
/* Create and set up the X window or widget for frame F. */
static void
x_window (f, window_prompting, minibuffer_only)
struct frame *f;
long window_prompting;
int minibuffer_only;
#else /* not USE_X_TOOLKIT */
x_window (f)
struct frame *f;
#endif /* not USE_X_TOOLKIT */
XClassHint class_hints;
XSetWindowAttributes attributes;
......@@ -1724,12 +1731,11 @@ x_window (f)
ac = 0;
XtSetArg (al[ac], XtNallowShellResize, 1); ac++;
XtSetArg (al[ac], XtNinput, 1); ac++;
XtSetArg (al[ac], XtNx, f->display.x->left_pos); ac++;
XtSetArg (al[ac], XtNy, f->display.x->top_pos); ac++;
shell_widget = XtCreatePopupShell ("shell",
Xt_app_shell, al, ac);
f->display.x->widget = shell_widget;
/* maybe_set_screen_title_format (shell_widget); */
......@@ -1739,6 +1745,11 @@ x_window (f)
shell_widget, al, ac);
f->display.x->column_widget = pane_widget;
if (!minibuffer_only)
initialize_frame_menubar (f);
/* mappedWhenManaged to false tells to the paned window to not map/unmap
* the emacs screen when changing menubar. This reduces flickering a lot.
......@@ -1754,10 +1765,36 @@ x_window (f)
pane_widget, al, ac);
f->display.x->edit_widget = screen_widget;
f->display.x->widget = shell_widget;
f->display.x->column_widget = pane_widget;
if (f->display.x->menubar_widget)
XtManageChild (f->display.x->menubar_widget);
XtManageChild (screen_widget);
/* Do some needed geometry management. */
int len;
char *tem, shell_position[32];
Arg al[2];
int ac = 0;
if (window_prompting & USPosition)
sprintf (shell_position, "=%dx%d%c%d%c%d", PIXEL_WIDTH (f),
PIXEL_HEIGHT (f) + f->display.x->menubar_widget->core.height
+ f->display.x->menubar_widget->core.border_width,
'+', f->display.x->left_pos,
'+', f->display.x->top_pos);
sprintf (shell_position, "=%dx%d", PIXEL_WIDTH (f),
PIXEL_HEIGHT (f) + f->display.x->menubar_widget->core.height
+ f->display.x->menubar_widget->core.border_width);
len = strlen (shell_position) + 1;
tem = (char *) xmalloc (len);
strncpy (tem, shell_position, len);
XtSetArg (al[ac], XtNgeometry, tem); ac++;
XtSetValues (shell_widget, al, ac);
XtManageChild (pane_widget);
XtRealizeWidget (shell_widget);
......@@ -2097,7 +2134,11 @@ be shared by the new frame.")
f->display.x->parent_desc = ROOT_WINDOW;
window_prompting = x_figure_window_size (f, parms);
x_window (f, window_prompting, minibuffer_only);
x_window (f);
x_icon (f, parms);
x_make_gc (f);
init_frame_faces (f);
......@@ -2125,11 +2166,14 @@ be shared by the new frame.")
x_default_parameter (f, parms, Qmenu_bar_lines, make_number (0),
"menuBarLines", "MenuBarLines", number);
/* With the toolkit, the geometry management is done in x_window. */
tem0 = x_get_arg (parms, Qleft, 0, 0, number);
tem1 = x_get_arg (parms, Qtop, 0, 0, number);
x_wm_set_size_hint (f, window_prompting, 1, XINT (tem0), XINT (tem1));
#endif /* USE_X_TOOLKIT */
tem = x_get_arg (parms, Qunsplittable, 0, 0, boolean);
f->no_split = minibuffer_only || EQ (tem, Qt);
......@@ -2140,11 +2184,6 @@ be shared by the new frame.")
or making it visible won't work. */
Vframe_list = Fcons (frame, Vframe_list);
/* Compute the size of the menubar and display it. */
initialize_frame_menubar (f);
#endif /* USE_X_TOOLKIT */
/* Make the window appear on the frame and enable display,
unless the caller says not to. */
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