Commit a8273dac authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Fix display of overlay strings with 'display' and 'box' property

* src/xdisp.c (get_next_display_element): Take the box face from
display stack level that comes from a buffer, not an overlay
string.  (Bug#22499)
parent fc48106d
......@@ -7234,14 +7234,23 @@ get_next_display_element (struct it *it)
buffer position is stored in the 'position'
member of the iteration stack slot below the
current one, see handle_single_display_spec. By
contrast, it->current.pos was is not yet updated
contrast, it->current.pos was not yet updated
to point to that buffer position; that will
happen in pop_it, after we finish displaying the
current string. Note that we already checked
above that it->sp is positive, so subtracting one
from it is safe. */
if (it->from_disp_prop_p)
pos = (it->stack + it->sp - 1)->position;
int stackp = it->sp - 1;
/* Find the stack level with data from buffer. */
while (stackp >= 0
&& STRINGP ((it->stack + stackp)->string))
eassert (stackp >= 0);
pos = (it->stack + stackp)->position;
INC_TEXT_POS (pos, it->multibyte_p);
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