Commit a82e2ed5 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(find-change-log): If file name specified, just use it.

parent 4ced3209
......@@ -67,27 +67,25 @@ an `@' character, followed by the value returned by `system-name'.")
(defun find-change-log (&optional file-name)
"Find a change log file for \\[add-change-log-entry] and return the name.
Optional arg FILE-NAME is a name to try first.
Optional arg FILE-NAME specifies the file to use.
If FILE-NAME is nil, use the value of `change-log-default-name' if non-nil.
Failing that, use \"ChangeLog\" in the current directory.
If the file does not exist in the named directory, successive parent
directories are tried.
Otherwise, search in the current directory and its successive parents
for a file named `ChangeLog' (or whatever we use on this operating system).
Once a file is found, `change-log-default-name' is set locally in the
current buffer to the complete file name."
;; If user specified a file name or if this buffer knows which one to use,
;; just use that.
(or file-name
(setq file-name (or change-log-default-name
(setq file-name change-log-default-name)
;; Chase links in the source file
;; and use the change log in the dir where it points.
(and buffer-file-name
(setq file-name (or (and buffer-file-name
(file-chase-links buffer-file-name)))
(if (and (eq file-name change-log-default-name)
(assq 'change-log-default-name (buffer-local-variables)))
;; Don't do the searching if we already have a buffer-local value.
(if (file-directory-p file-name)
(setq file-name (expand-file-name (change-log-name) file-name)))
;; Chase links before visiting the file.
......@@ -112,10 +110,10 @@ current buffer to the complete file name."
;; If we found a change log in a parent, use that.
(if (or (get-file-buffer file1) (file-exists-p file1))
(setq file-name file1)))
(setq file-name file1)))))
;; Make a local variable in this buffer so we needn't search again.
(set (make-local-variable 'change-log-default-name) file-name)
(defun add-change-log-entry (&optional whoami file-name other-window new-entry)
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