Commit a8b87446 authored by Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Ingebrigtsen

set-face-font doc string update

* lisp/faces.el (set-face-font): Mention what the string formats
are (bug#14647).
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......@@ -888,6 +888,10 @@ Use `set-face-attribute' for finer control of font weight and slant."
(defun set-face-font (face font &optional frame)
"Change font-related attributes of FACE to those of FONT (a string).
The format of the font varies based on the font system in used,
but it can commonly be an X logical font description (XLFD)
string, or a simpler XFD string like \"courier:size=10\".
FRAME nil or not specified means change face on all frames.
This sets the attributes `:family', `:foundry', `:width',
`:height', `:weight', and `:slant'. When called interactively,
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