Commit a8c21b48 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann

(Frestore_buffer_modified_p): New function.

(syms_of_buffer): Defsubr it.
parent 3f923efe
......@@ -845,6 +845,36 @@ A non-nil FLAG means mark the buffer modified.")
return flag;
DEFUN ("restore-buffer-modified-p", Frestore_buffer_modified_p,
Srestore_buffer_modified_p, 1, 1, 0,
"Like `set-buffer-modified-p', with a differences concerning redisplay.\n\
It is not ensured that mode lines will be updated to show the modified\n\
state of the current buffer. Use with care.")
Lisp_Object flag;
Lisp_Object fn;
/* If buffer becoming modified, lock the file.
If buffer becoming unmodified, unlock the file. */
fn = current_buffer->file_truename;
/* Test buffer-file-name so that binding it to nil is effective. */
if (!NILP (fn) && ! NILP (current_buffer->filename))
int already = SAVE_MODIFF < MODIFF;
if (!already && !NILP (flag))
lock_file (fn);
else if (already && NILP (flag))
unlock_file (fn);
#endif /* CLASH_DETECTION */
return flag;
DEFUN ("buffer-modified-tick", Fbuffer_modified_tick, Sbuffer_modified_tick,
0, 1, 0,
"Return BUFFER's tick counter, incremented for each change in text.\n\
......@@ -4773,6 +4803,7 @@ Values are interpreted as follows:\n\
defsubr (&Soverlay_lists);
defsubr (&Soverlay_get);
defsubr (&Soverlay_put);
defsubr (&Srestore_buffer_modified_p);
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