Commit a8e08014 authored by Steven Tamm's avatar Steven Tamm

(add_menu_item): Remove unused variable `i'. Don't

let separator items destroy refence constants of other menu items.
parent b3459c95
......@@ -2240,7 +2240,7 @@ add_menu_item (MenuHandle menu, widget_value *wv, int submenu,
int force_disable)
Str255 item_name;
int pos, i;
int pos;
if (name_is_separator (wv->name))
AppendMenu (menu, "\p-");
......@@ -2296,9 +2296,9 @@ add_menu_item (MenuHandle menu, widget_value *wv, int submenu,
SetItemMark (menu, pos, noMark);
SetMenuItemRefCon (menu, pos, (UInt32) wv->call_data);
SetMenuItemRefCon (menu, pos, (UInt32) wv->call_data);
if (submenu != NULL)
SetMenuItemHierarchicalID (menu, pos, submenu);
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